The Futures Trading Act permitted the Futures Exchange to adopt either a corporate system, or a membership arrangement. After much discussion, the exchange was established as a membership-minded corporation. The company's full name in English is the “Taiwan Futures Exchange Corporation, Limited,” but this is frequently shortened to just “TAIFEX.”
TAIFEX’s logo is a blue capital “T” against a white circular field. The circle is representative of TAIFEX on many levels. It symbolizes the Earth, suggesting the global nature of TAIFEX’s derivatives market. Temporally, it recalls the full circuit of the clock, connoting the 24-hour trading cycle of financial markets. Spatially, the circle is all encompassing, symbolizing the welcome that TAIFEX extends to traders the world over. The circle also stands in contrast the “X,” indicating “rightness” in opposition to the latter’s “wrongness,” thus evoking the accuracy, fairness and thoroughness of TAIFEX’s services. Finally, the circle symbolizes the sun, and as such suggests TAIFEX’s focus on the creation of a bright future.
臺灣期貨交易所 Taiwan Futures Exchange
14th.FL.,100,Roosevelt rd,Sec.2 Taipei,100,Taiwan,R.O.C.
Tel : 0800-075-566
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